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Central locking playing up

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My Z has some sort of Piranna alarm on it for at least six years now, it has a single button fob which locks/unlocks the doors and arms/disarms the alarm.


Just recently the button will only arm/disarm the alarm and not work the door locks. I can manually do it with the key which will lock/unlock both doors.


Sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont some something is playing up...


Any ideas?


Thanks Dan

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Is this something that will of been installed by the alarm fitter? Any idea where I can get one?




Originally there was no actuator in the drivers door, when you lock the door with the key you are mechanically locking that door, there is an elctrical connection made that triggers the passenger door to lock as it had an actuator fitted, so there is no full central locking and this is why on a standard zed unlocking / locking the passenger door does not have any effect on the drivers door.


So when fitting an alarm a universal additional actuator is fitted in the drivers door to both lock it and to activate the passenger door lock via the alarm fob.


So as the actuator is universal type, rod clamps are used and they often come loose but oddly they will work one way but not the other, can you hear any noise in the door when operating the locking on the direction it does not work? if so I would be looking at taking the door panel off and see if has come loose, if not you will need to check the alarm output at the solenoid may be a bad / broken connection, if it is working one way it works electrically and so should work the other way electrically so unlikely it is the actuator failed maybe just loose / tight one way.


Jeff TT

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If you look in the how to section I did a how to on "keyless entry". part of this will show you how to fit an actuator which should help you to replace yours if it's failed.

They cost hardly anything on eBay.

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