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Right the electrical geniuses i have a problemo..

Got my zed realised radio, interior lights and few other items you no the score. wasnt working.


kept blowing fuses 4X20amp every time i turned the ignition on etc. so stripped out the radio disconnect the clock process of elimination,nowt so build all back together as it was getting dark, stuck 25amp in yep worked then smoked then blew the fuse. it smoked from the passenger side.


stuck a 20 back in radio clock now works But the headlight are now on hi Beam, no dipped light, side light, tail lights, folding mirrors dont work and the heated mirror lamp is on permanent, i have checked all the fuses and relays that i no and can see, so any idea's Boffins????? thanks in advance..

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Are these Fuses under the bonnet or in the footwell?

20 amp fuse blowing sounds nasty,prob a dead short.you need to isolate the circuit then do the obvious like checking for chafed wires etc.

Fuse boards in the footwell are prone for corrosion so need to be removed and checked,there is a Relay holder on the n/s IIRC.

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Stop being tempted to put bigger and bigger fuses in !!

It does sound like your sidelight circuit could be the problem hence the reason main beam comes on, it's easy to overlook a fuse especially in the footwell as access is poor, the middle 10amp on the top row, check it and check it again buddy !!

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