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Problem with Clifford alarm

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with the car being off the road for nearly eighteen months, went to start her up today but the alarm/immobiliser wont arm or disarm. New battery in car & in alarm fob.

Led just keeps flashing, when I press the fob the led stops flashing and goes off for few seconds then continues flashing again???....

Dashboard lights up when turning key but obviously because the immobiliser hasn't disarmed I get nothing.


Anyone with a Clifford alarm had the same problem or has anyone got any ideas?.....




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Poo... it could be that the alarm has lost contact with the fob... there is a code/format for setting them up.


try unlocking the door with the key and entering the code on the alarm buttons.


I'll have a look to see if I wrote down the instructions for adding fobs to the system.




Hi mate, thanks but don't worry I've sorted some how. When you suggested it may has lost contact with fob I took the fob to the car removed the fob battery & reinserted it, led on fob remained lit for quite some time, pressed the fob twice & locked the car & armed it, pressed again & hey presto :-)

Happy boy, thanks anyway dude ;-)



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Mmmm, it seems that you do need the valet code to add a fob.

It also looks like the alarm should be set to valet mode (not that I have ever done that with mine and it still seems to work OK)


anyway i found this on the net, not sure if its of any use to you....


1 -


yes thouse 2 funny function buttons need to be conected its what controls the alarm manually

depending on what key fob you have if its the old 4 button fob the valet code is set buy pressing the headlight and unlock button togeather if you have the 5 button remote new G5 Blue LED you have to press the clifford button at the bottom twice followed by the unlock button

if not find someone with the clifford software for there pc and you can delete all the remotes and re addd the one you have

if you have bought the alarm second hand and now conected it to your battery and it just keeps going off the origonal owner most lickley never put the alarm on valet mode before he/she disconected it so the only way to get it to work is with the valet code



2 -


The other three bottons are for additions, do you know which alarm is fitted? as you shouild be able to download the instructions. With the fob in hand you can turn off the proximety sensors which is what is causing the alarm to bark at you when you clean it. Press and hold the bottom left button then press the lock/ unlock, the indicators should flash four times. This indicates the outer proximety is turned off, if you do the same again the indicators will flash four more times which indicates the internal proximity sensor is turned off good for leaving pets in the car. Try looking on Cliffords site Clifford (United Kingdom) - Owner's Guides.

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