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5 cylinders...

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After starting my car for the first time in three weeks to bring it out the garage after fixing my last misfire I noticed yet again it's running on 5.


I pulled each coil feed and located the one that didn't change engine note, I swapped two coil packs over to see if the mis moved cylinder, it didn't, so I swapped the spark plugs, the mis didn't move, I checked the voltage at the coil feed and it's live...


What should I be checking next?


Thanks, Dan

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Put money on it been the injector connection at best or dead injector at worse, leave a coil pack plugged in but out of the cylinder with a spark plug in it and close to the engine to see if you have spark and if so go to the injector connection, most likely will be green and nasty, if you have a test meter see what resistance it is, should be around 13ohms.


Jeff TT

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Thanks lads, my injector has tested at almost 1500, the one next to it was 13, looks like the plenum is coming back off...



No need just dremel the bit of the plenum that is in the way, honestly 15 to 20 minutes and saves you ages and a plenum gasket, have done a few write ups with pictures.


Jeff TT

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two screws holding the injector down, one comes out real easy, the second one ideally needed the plenum off so I hit it round with a hammer and screw driver and carefully wound it out with some pliers, I did have to grind some of the plenum back with a dremmel. I homed the new injector by carefully knocking it down with the clamp in place. Unfortunatley I couldnt get the "awkward to get to" screw back in, so for now its only held in with one...


Ideally I need the same thread but with a nut on the top so I can wind it in with the plennum in place...

Any ideas where I can get one from?


Many thanks,



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