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A/C fan

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I seem to remember that to check the operation of the electric fan, you should disconnect the ECU temperature sender wire, from the sensor itself on the front metal coolant hose....


.....The fan should them come on!


As said in a previous thread, the fan stops the a/c gas from overheating and building up excessive pressure. I had this happen and the pressure popped the seal on the a/c compressor; leaving me needing a new one plus a re-gas....



I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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The Fans main purpose is as a backup auxiliary fan for the cooling system, and its secondary purpose is as an AC fan.


These are the scenario's in which the 2-speed TT fan will operate :


A/C off, coolant temp below 104c = fan off

A/C off, coolant temp above 105c = fan on

A/C on, vehicle speed

A/C on, vehicle speed

A/C on, vehicle speed > 25mph, coolant below 104c = fan off

A/C on, vehicle speed > 25mph, coolant above 105c = fan on


Note the operating temperatures !


With a properly functioning cooling system in UK weather, the AC fan should never really operate. The only time it should ever come on would be during one of our Summer heatwaves if you are sitting in traffic for an extended period.

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