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3) Original Prankster...



So during a few days away, the car landed at Jims for a full service, timing belt change, gearbox flush and refill and a few other jobs that Jim very kindly completed! I was very happy and impressed with Jim's service and will definitely be using him again. I just hope my wife and I didn't annoy him too much with all the chatting! 

When picking up the car, Jim showed me the old bits and pieces that had been taken off, it turns out that the old timing belt was actually the original factory fitted belt from 1989! It still said Nissan on it and had the old "hamburger" logo, the spark plugs were factory fitted as well. To my untrained eye, Jim jump in here if needed, they didn't look old or well used other than being 32 years old! I am glad it's got a fresh belt and bit on it now though!

The car drives wonderfully now, gear changed are super smooth and I can actually stretch its legs a little ?

All in all, a wonderful service experience with a car clean, two cups of tea, two cans of San Pellegrino and many bits of help and advice added in for free! Thank Jim!

1) Moments before setting off



2) Engine porn



Short entry this time, with few pictures i'm afraid....Ill try harder next time!

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